Thursday, February 11, 2010


Well, I’m proud to say I am now a member of the WHO DAT NATION! I can’t even explain how amazing it was to be in the gulf this Super Bowl season. Even though Bay Saint Louis is 45 minutes outside of New Orleans, the Saint spirit was alive! The game was awesome, and I’ve never enjoyed a Super Bowl so much. We set up a big screen and projector here at Mission on the Bay and had a little volunteer party. It was a good time!

The next day, a few of us traveled to New Orleans for the Saints Parade. Stephanie, Jake (two other Idaho interns), Rey (a long term volunteer), Matt (a construction supervisor), and I squeezed into Matt’s little Neon after work and made our way to the city. We sat for a good two hours in parade traffic, but it was worth every second. The streets were packed but we managed to get an awesome spot to watch the parade. It was so neat to be part of New Orleans that night. They deserved this win more than anyone. The players threw us beads, and luckily I was standing next to Jake (he’s really tall) so he was able to catch a ton! Drew Brees threw one to Stephanie, and I’m definitely a little jealous about that one! It was just a night full of adventure! Jake and I were even able to sneak into the Marriot to use the restroom. They were carding everyone, but we just walked in like we owned the place! Such a cool experience!

P.S. Thanks for the pictures Steph! I was too nervous to take my camera in such a big crowd!

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